We are very pleased to have you participate as a judge in the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. Most moot court judges will take on one of two roles: either that of a judge of the written sumbissions – known as memorials – or as a judge of the oral rounds of a competition. For each role, we have prepared detailed guides with specific instructions and advice.

Whether this is your first time judging a moot court competition or if you have done so many times before, we hope that these guides will provide you with insight and information regarding the roles and responsibilities of a moot court judge both prior to and during one of the Price Media Law Moot Court Programme’s competitions.

If you will be serving as a judge for the memorials you can find a dedicated guide at this page; if you will be serving as a judge for the oral rounds you can find a guide at this page.

And for those judging the competitions in Afghanistan, our partners at the Center for Global Communication Studies at the University of Pennsylvania have prepared a comprehensive guide in both Dari and Pashto.