2018-2019 Price Media Law Moot Court Competition Case

The Case for 2018-2019 Price Media Law Moot Court Competition is available on the link below (date of publishing 2 July 2018)

*Please note that the Case was amended after first publication on 27 June 2018 with a small change to the facts of the Case.

2018-19 Competition Case

2018-2019 Price Media Law Moot Court Competition Rules

The Rules for the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition are available on the link below.

Please note that all competitions use the same rules, however some Regional Rounds have Supplementary Rules which can be found on their respective pages.

***Our new email is pricemootoxford@law.ox.ac.uk 

2018-19 Competition Rules

Previous Cases and Clarifications

The following is a list of cases and clarifications from previous editions of the competition.

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