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2013-14 Mooting Calendar Announced

  South Asia Rounds in Delhi: 21 – 24 November 2013 China Rounds in Beijing: 2 – 4 December 2013 South East Europe Rounds in Belgrade: 13 – 15 December 2013 Americas Rounds in New York: 22 – 26 January 2014 Eastern Africa Rounds in Nairobi: 29 January – 1 February 2014 Middle East Rounds […]

Preparing the Memorials

One of the most integral aspects of participating in a moot court, whether it be the Price Media Law Moot Court or another, is the preparation of your written memorial for submission in advance of the oral rounds. Your memorial is where you lay out the argument you intend to present to the judges in […]

Preparing for Oral Rounds

In addition to your memorial, a team’s oral argument is its most powerful tool in any moot court competition, whether it be the Price Media Law Moot Court or another. Your oral argument is what all the months of preparation have lead up to. A failure to present your argument in an eloquent, convincing and […]

Profile of a winning team

In March 2011, the Programme in Comparative Media Law & Policy welcomed 26 teams from 19 countries to participate in the Price Media Law Moot Court’s 4th annual International Rounds in Oxford. In the end, it was a novice team from the University of Belgrade with little prior experience in media law that took home […]

Further Resources

The following is a list of online links to Academic Institutions, International Organizations and Fora, and NGOs involved in media law that should be helpful in initiating your research. It is in no way intended to be an exhaustive list of resources. The successful Moot Court participant will use these merely as a starting point and will expand their […]

2010 India Moot Court Research Archives

Below are the three main issues raised in the 2010 Oxford-India Media Law Moot Court Competition. The full Resources & Summaries that have been prepared for each issue are available in the attachments at the bottom of the page. These documents are only indicative of the debates surrounding these issues and are by no means […]