10th Anniversary Conference

On Monday 3rd of April, during the 10th Price E. Media Law Moot Court Competition, we held a one-day conference at the PCMLP.  Entitled “A global onslaught on existing speech norms and institutions: coping with hate speech, fake news and online violent extremism”, it celebrated the 10th anniversary of the event.

Please see the Final Agenda here.

On following link you will be able to find several documents presented at the Conference:

Session 1 – Initial Remarks by Jonathan Blake

Session 3 – Presentation by Dirk Voorhoof

Session 4 – Case studies from Brazil by Thiago Alves Pinto

This conference is kindly supported by funding from Google. However, the editorial control of and responsibility for the conference remains entirely with the PCMLP.

NOTE: Those participating in the Moot Competition do NOT need to apply for Eventbright tickets.