South East Europe 2012-13



The first South East Europe Regional Rounds of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition were held in Serbia in December 2012, in collaboration with the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, and supported by the Delegation of the EU to the Republic of Serbia, Internews Network, the Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information and the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

Seven teams from Belgrade, Nis, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Zenica, Skopje and Sofia took part in a close competition to qualify for the International Rounds in Oxford. Over 30 media lawyers, regulators and scholars judged the oral arguments in the preliminary rounds, and two judges of the European Court of Human Rights, Professor Dragoljub Popovic and Margarita Tzatza Nikolovska, served on the Finals Bench. The first three ranked teams, from the Universities of Zagreb, Nis and Sarajevo, are coming to Oxford for the 2013 International Rounds.

The great success of the first edition of the Regional Rounds in South East Europe, as well as the strong preformances of the teams from the region in the International Rounds of the Price Moot Court over the last years, have been a testament to the quality of mooting culture in the South East Europe. We hope to see more teams in Belgrade in the years to come and thus raise awareness and give greater significance to the Media Law in the region.


Overall Winner:

University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Overall Runner-up:

University of Nis (Serbia)

Best Memorial:

University of Nis (Serbia)

Best Memorials – Runner-up:

University of Belgrade (Serbia)

Best Oralist:

Sasa Markota, University of Nis (Serbia)

Best Oralist – Runner-up:

Igor Radovanovic, University of Belgrade (Serbia)


HELENA MANDIC graduated from the Sarajevo Faculty of Law, and has worked in the Communications Regulatory Agency (Agency) since its inception in 1998 where she has performed various duties, including that of Head of Legal Department and Head of Division of Programme Standards, Complaints and Broadcasting Regulation. She is currently holding the position of Director of Broadcasting. Helena participated in the work of expert groups drafting BiH Press Code as well as laws on defamation, freedom of information and communications. She has also been a member of the team representing BiH in cases before the Human Rights Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She participated in several education programs organised by The Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) at the Centre for Socio Legal Studies of Oxford University and Centre for Global Communications Studies of the Annenberg School for Communications, University of Pennsylvania. She represented BiH in the work of the Standing Committee for Transfrontier Television and chaired the meetings of the Executive Council of the European Audiovisual Observatory, during the BiH Presidency. Currently, Helena represents the Agency at the meetings of European and Mediterranean networks of regulatory authorities, as well as on various other international fora. Helena is a co-author of the Media Law in BiH, a comprehensive overview of the media law framework in BiH.

VESNA ALABURIC graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences and the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb. She works as a media defense lawyer. She represented media outlets in hundreds of civil and criminal cases. She participated in the drafting of media legislation in Croatia. She held the position of senior legal adviser in the Croatian Ministry of Information. She lectured the Public Media Law at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Zagreb and held seminars on the Article 10 ECHR case-law in Ukraine, Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Belarus. She wrote four books, a dozen of scientific articles and numerous articles from Croatian newspapers.

MARGARITA TSATSA NIKOLOVSKA graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Skopje. She worked as a judge in Macedonian courts, including the Supreme Court, for 20 years. She was an ECHR judge for 10 years. She is currently a judge of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is the President of the Macedonian Institute for Human Rights. She holds membership and actively collaborates with numerous other domestic and international human-rights-oriented organizations.

EMIL HAVKIC graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb. He worked as a judge in Croatia. Since 1995, he is a media defense lawyer. He represented journalists, publishers and media outlets in many instances. He drafted media legislation in Croatia. He is a co-author of the Commentary of Croatian Law on Media and case-law in this field.

ALEXANDER KASHUMOV (Bulgaria) is a lawyer with substantial experience in access to information, transparency and anticorruption, public administration reform,freedom of expression and human rights. He has been active in advocacy, litigation, legal analysis and training activities related to the NGO Access to Information Programme in Bulgaria (1997-2009) and has been head of its legal team, which provided over 4000 legal advices (to citizens, journalists and NGOs) and support to more than 150 access to information and transparency court cases. He made presentations in many international forae in Europe and America in the course of various training activities for public administration/ judges and NGOs in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, Argentina and Chile. In 2008 he was awarded a top attorney recognition by the prestigious magazine “Legal World”.

MILOS ZIVKOVIC teaches the Media Law course at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. He collaborates with the European Audio-Visual Observatory in Strasbourg. He is a national rapporteur of the European Institute for Media Law in Saarbrucken. He drafted the Serbian Law on Broadcasting and the Law on Advertising. He participated in numerous media and broadcasting law seminars.

UROS ZIVKOVIC graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. After graduation he worked in a couple of renowned law firms in Belgrade. He is currently employed as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. Uros has a rich experience as a contestant, judge and a coach in various moot court competitions in the fields of media law, international public law, international commercial arbitration, foreign direct investment and mediation.

JADRANKA VOJVODIC is the Deputy Director & the Head of the Legal and Finance Department at the Agency for Electronic Media of Montenegro. She has extensive experience in the development and implementation of the media legal framework. She has been involved in the cases before the Administrative Court of Montenegro related to the broadcasters’ and cable operators’ rights and obligations in the field of copyrights and licensing. She has been member of the Standing Committeeon Transfrontier Televisionand a member of the Executive Council of the European Audiovisual Observatory.

DR KRISZTINA ROZGONYI has been a senior regulator and legal adviser for a number of governments, regulators, and companies. Dr. Rozgonyi used to be Chairperson of the Telecoms Authority in Hungary, acts as adviser to the Serbian Government in digital switchover, works in Kirgyzistan, Armenia, and Georgia as director for the World Bank CAS InfoDev project. She also works for the Rwandan regulator RURA as an ITU expert. Her special areas are media and telecommunications regulation, digital switchover legal strategies, media law focusing on digital age issues and copyright law focusing on digital archives. Dr. Rozgonyi is member of the editorial board of International Journal of Digital Television.

MILENA DJORDJEVIC an Assistant Professor in International  Commercial Law and Arbitration Law at the  University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. She also does consulting work for domestic companies, institutions and international organizations including the USAID, GTZ and IFC and is listed as arbitrator on the List of arbitrators of the Foreign Trade Arbitration attached to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Trade Arbitration Court attached to Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro. As a visiting professor at the University of Pittsburgh she taught a course on International Commercial Arbitration in fall 2010.

DR SASA GAJIN teaches human rights, media law and equality law at the Faculty of Law, Union University in Belgrade. He co-drafted the Law on Public Information (2003), the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance (2004), and the Law on Advertising (2005).

SLOBODAN KREMENJAK is a head of IP, media and telecommunications practice group at Zivkovic Samardzic Law Office in Belgrade. He is a media law adviser for major association of Serbian broadcasters since 1998 and was a member of the several expert groups founded by the Serbian Government for drafting of the media and telecoms related legislation. Slobodan is 2005 ANEM Lighthouse Award laureate for his personal contribution in development of the media sector in Serbia.

DJORDJE KRIVOKAPIC is associate lecturer at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade, where he teaches courses on Business Law and IT Law. Djordje graduated with a degree in law from the University of Bečgrade, received an LL.M. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. During 2010 and 2012, Djordje spent summers as a visiting researcher at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the University of Harvard Law School where we researched intersection of law and technology as well as impact of the emerging information technologies to the society. At the moment, Djordje is finishing his PHD thesis at the University of Belgrade focusing on private international law aspects of violations of privacy and personality rights, particularly implications of these violations performed via Internet on jurisdictional, choice of law and recognition & enforcement issues.

MILOS STOJKOVIC employed at Zivkovic Samardzic Law Office, dealing with Telecom and media related cases. Before that he was employed at Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society at position Head of the regulatory department in the Sector for electronic communications. He has been involved in the process of drafting the Law on electronic communications and the Law on electronic media as member of the working groups. He was also participant of Annenberg-Oxford summer Institute and Internews fellow.

Asja Rokša Zubčević works at the Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina for a number of years, dealing with all aspects of regulatory issues for audiovisual media sector, including the defense of freedom of expression case before the human rights court. She holds M.A. in human rights and democracy (University of Bologna and University of Sarajevo), and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.

JELENA OLOFSSON is the Legal Manager of IREX Serbia Media Assistance Program. Previously, she served as Staff Attorney at the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative and Norwegian Refugee Council Civil Rights Project.

DR DRAGOLJUB POPOVIC was a tenured professor of Law in Belgrade University until 1998, further on a practising lawyer, a guest researcher at the Institute of Federalism in Fribourg University in Switzerland and ambassador of his country to Switzerland. Since April 2005 he has been a judge at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

ARMER JUKA is a State Advocate representing the Republic of Albania before foreign jurisdictions, especially international arbitration. He was a lawyer from 2009 to 2012 at Haxhia & Hajdari, a leading law firm established in Tirana. He has a special interest in moot court competitions, having participated himself as a student in the European Law Moot Court competition and having been a judge at the first edition of the Euro-Albanian Moot Court competition on Human Rights.