Preparing for Oral Rounds

In addition to your memorial, a team’s oral argument is its most powerful tool in any moot court competition, whether it be the Price Media Law Moot Court or another. Your oral argument is what all the months of preparation have lead up to. A failure to present your argument in an eloquent, convincing and yet deferential manner, can cost the competition, even for the most expertly prepared memorial. Below are some resources that should help you to perfect your oral argument techniques whether you are an experienced mooter or have never participated in a moot court competition before. While these resources will help you in your preparation, it is the preparation that you and your team conduct on your own that will set your apart from the rest of the competition. Successful mooters are those who are able to demonstrate a level of skill and knowledge of the law that exceeds that of their competitors. Nonetheless, we hope that you find these resources to be both practical and useful, and we wish you the best of luck in your participation in the exciting and gratifying moot court experience.